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Multiple columns

There are settings of the multiple columns defined on this page. Example of multiple columns use can be found here.


Icon Description
Return to the class detail.
Saving changes in the multiple columns settings.
Deletion of the multiple columns settings.

Section: Selection of the columns for multiple use

  • Column name - Name of the column by which we select wheather it should be used as a multiple column.
  • Use - Determines if the column shall be used as a multiple column.

Section: Settings according to the value type

  • Type - Selection of the value from the reference class of the control column, for which setting of multiple columns should be used.
  • Display - Determines if particular multiple columns shall be displayed for the selected type.
  • Column name - Name of the multiple column.
  • New column name - New name of the column that will be displayed in the record detail.
  • Copy the settings from type - Enables to copy settings of the display and new column names for another value from the control column. After selection click on the blue icon.
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