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Model detail

There are detailed settings of the selected model displayed on this page.


Icon Description
Return to the list of models.
Creation of the new model.
Saving changes in the model.
Deletion of the model.
Manual editing of the model documentation.
Displaying model documentation.
Health check of the model. There are settings and documentation checked for all the entities in the model (classes, columns... and model itself).
It leads to the page with information about model.

TAB - Basic properties

Section: Basic properties

  • Code - Model identifier that is used by export and import of model metadata between various instances of the application.
  • Name - Name of the model displayed in the application
  • Enabled - It is possible to display and modify records in an enabled model.
  • IT administrator - User in the role of an IT administrator of the model.
  • Business owner - User in the role of a business owner of the model.
  • Comment - Description of the model
  • Theme - Graphical style of the model

Section: Audit trail

  • Created by - User that created the record (model).
  • Created on - Date and time of the record (model) creation.
  • Last changed by - User that made the last change any data in the record (model).
  • Last changed on - Date and time of the last change in the record (model).

TAB - Roles and display

Section: List of roles

  • In the left part of the section you can select a new role in the combobox, which should have access rights in the model.
  • In the right part of the section there are roles displayed, that can work with the model. Access rights can be withdrawn from the role by clicking on the red cross or enabled/disabled by clicking in the column "Enabled".

Section: Enabling classes to another models

  • In the left part of the section you can enable in the combobox a particular class from the model for another model.
  • In the right part of the section there are classes of the model displayed that are already enabled for another models and therefore, these models can refer to these classes in columns of the reference type.

TAB - Additional settings

Section: Basic properties

  • Default page type - selection of page, that will be displayed after clicking on the name of the model in the menu. If this page is not selected, page ModelInfo is displayed.

TAB - User documentation

  • File with documentation - upload of files that will be displayed in the context menu of the Help icon in the upper right part of the ObjectGears screen on pages DataDetail and Datas of the given model (for all classes and queries of the model).

TAB - Pictures

Section: Pictures

  • Large picture - Selection of a picture that will be displayed in menu.
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