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Job detail

There is detail of job displayed on this page.


Icon Description
Return to the list of jobs.
Creation of a new job.
Saving changes in the job.
Job deletion.
It leads to the page with job steps.
It leads to the page with job run history.
It leads to the page with jobs time plan.
It starts the job.

In order to execute a job with function RunJob the job has to be undeleted and enabled. Logged on user has to have also Administrator access rights or access right to Start the job.

Tab: Basic properties

Section: Basic properties

  • Code - Code of the job
  • Name - Name of the job.
  • Enabled - Information, wheather the job is enabled and can be started.
  • Integration job - Information, wheather the job can be disabled/enabled by disabling/enabling integrations.
  • Note - Note for the job administrator.
  • Condition for start - Expression that has to be true in order the job can start.
  • Time of the last start - Time of the last job start.
  • Result of the last start - Result of the last job start.
  • Next start date - Time of the next planned job start.

Section: Timing

  • Start frequency - Depending on the last selected start frequency particular time parameters can be set.

Section: Audit trail

Who and when created the job and who and when changed the job the last time.

Tab: Roles and display

Section: List of roles

  • Role - Selection of a role to which access rights shall be assigned.
  • Operation
    • Display job log - Access right to display log of the job. This role can also display detail of the job.
    • Start job - Access right to start the job.

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