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List of imports

There is list of imports displayed on this page.


Icon Description
Creation of a new import.
Reload of the import list.

Settings of the record list

Display also deleted imports

Choice of displaying all (also logically deleted) imports.

Display only enabled imports

Selection of imports that are enabled.

Grid - list of imports

  • Id - Internal identifier of the import. Link to the import detail.
  • - Context menu with further import options.
  • Code - Code of the import
  • Name - Name of the import
  • Class - Name of the class to which it should be imported.
  • Format - Format of the import file.
  • Data source - Type of the data source.
  • Description - Description of the import.
  • Enabled - Information if the import is enabled. By clicking on Yes/No you will switch this option.
  • Red cross - Deletion of the import.
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