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Email detail

There is detail of the email sent from ObjectGears displayed on this page.

Section: Email

  • Sent to - Whom was to email sent to.
  • Subject - Subject of the sent email.
  • Message - Body of the sent email.
  • Priority - Priority of the email.
  • Incoming/Outgoing - IN/OUT - It indicates whether it is an incoming or outgoing email.
  • HTML format - It determines, wheather the email was sent in HTML format.
  • Created - Date of the email ceation.
  • Sent by - Account of the user, that was logged in at the time of email sending. If this information is missing, then sending was triggered by ObjectGears system (jobs, workflow, time operations...).
  • Sent on - Date and time of the email sending.
  • Owner - Object that caused the email sending.
  • Notification - Notification object that was used for email sending.
  • Attachments - Files attached to the email.
  • Dispatch status - Status of email dispatch.
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