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Webpart Dictionary

  • Code - Webpart code. It has to be unique among codes of webparts on the given page.
  • Title - Webpart title. If you do not define it, the webpart will be at display without title.
  • Display webpart style - When checked webpart frame will be displayed. When not checked, only webpart content will be displayed.
  • Class - Determination of a class, from which records shall be taken over.
  • Column for active records -Column True/untrue, that will determine, wheather the record shall be displayed in the dictionary.
  • Column for url link - It determination of the column containing a link. If the column is not selected, then the record in the dictionary navigates to the record detail. If the column is defined, than value from the column is used as a link. If this column is also set as a link, then link format from the column definition is used.
  • Column for description - It determination of the column containing description, that will be displayed behind the term. (The term itself is the short description of the record defined in the class detail.)
  • Title works like a link - It determines, wheather the term will work like a link.
  • Hide description - It determines, wheather the description shall hide and show iteself only after user clicking.

See also function description of the webpart Dictionary.

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