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List of columns (attributes)

There is the list of columns (attributes) of the selected class displayed on this page.


Icon Description
Back to the list of classes.
Creation of a new column (attribute).
Reload of the list of columns (attributes).
Switch to form design.
Switch to data list display.

Checkbox: Display without system columns

Selection of displaying only user defined columns or all (also system) columns.

Combobox: Go to columns

Switching to columns of parent or child classes.

Grid - list of columns

  • Id - Internal identifier of the column. Switch to the column detail.
  • Code - Column code.
  • Name - Column name.
  • Type - Column data type.
  • Information about the reference - Class that the column refers to or class that is refering to the to the current class, which leads to a creation of the reverse reference column.
  • Mandatory - Indication if this column (attribute) shall be used in every record.
  • Creation - Indicates if this column is enabled for by record creation.
  • Change - Indication if this column is enabled for modification later on by record changes.
  • Display in filter - Determines if it is possible to filter records according to the column. You can switch it on/off by clicking on Yes/No.
  • Column in DB - name of the columns in the database
  • Red cross - Column deletion
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