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Version overview

Version (May 2017)


  • export into Excel on page Datas considers column hiding performed also by the script for the list of records
  • optimalization of the database data reading
  • deleted files (at column type File) are marked by a grey colour and italics font. The is also (deleted) stated after the name of the file


  • new property List of enabled colours at column type Colour
  • new property Column in DB is displayed in the list of columns (ColumnClassDefs.aspx)



  • new property Display webpart style at webparts


  • new properties available at clicking on a button: OGControlOperation, OGContentPage and OGDataParent
  • new functions and properties
    • OG.Email (EmailFrom, BlindEmail)
    • OG.Person (two new functions GetPersonInRolesByCode)
    • OG (cca 20 new configuration properties available in a script)


  • Time calculation for processing the request on server. The value is displayed on page UserAccessLog.aspx in the field Response duration.
  • Change of the paghe name was not reflected in menu. Corrected now.
  • Mass deletion is disabled for class extending user properties.

Administration tool

  • possibility to change the language by selection in combobox

Licence Creator

  • possibility to change the language by selection in combobox

Version (March 2017)


  • column order set up for display in the list of records and detailed list of records
  • authorizations ReadDetail and ReadList were combined into a single authorization Read


  • property Max. number of files for column type File counts now only undeleted files. Number of deleted files is not limited.
  • New column type "Value from a referenced class (various classes)"
  • new property Localize - enables to defin a localized text in the column
  • new record initialization was improved on datadetail. It runs now in this order: 1. default values, 2. template, 3. sequences, 4. rule for value set up and script, 5. initialization via URL
  • Fields for formulas were cancelled. We recommend to ue rules instead of formulas.
  • particular summary information (min, max, sum, avg) can be defined independently
  • script for check of authorizations to the file content can be defined for column type File


  • expressions {{:model.kod.id:}}   {{:class.kod.id:}}   {{:query.kod.id:}} can be used in the query definition, which enables to include class ID in the given instance into SQL query

Master detail relations


  • rule Start s script has a new property OGDataParent
  • rules do not have to have unique order
  • rule for Value set up - code of the required records can be used instead of ID for columns of type reference to a class
  • rule Before record saving has a new object OGSaveOption, that can suspend record saving without cancelling the saving


  • Job can be executed immediately for test purposes by means of a button or by means of function OG.Job.RunJob(string code)


  • tabs can be configured in the page design
  • move to another page after certain time elapses can be set in the page configuration


  • if email sending is not configured, then email is set to status "Email senidng is not configured" at its sending. Such email is not sent again after later configuration.


  • property QueryString was moved from OGForm to OG
  • property DataRowFilter.WriteSqlToLog writes into the log both sql and parameters, with which the filter was executed
  • New properties:
  • New functions:
    • OG (Throw)
    • OG.ContentPage
    • OG.DataRow (SaveData, 2x GetDataRowByCode)
    • OG.DateTime (Difference)
    • OG.Email (GetAllEmailTemplates, CreateMessage, Send)
    • OG.Job (RunJob)
    • OG.Log (WriteException)
    • OG.Module (IsExistActive, GetModuleCode, SendSMS, IsAllowSendSMS)
    • OG.Person (2x IsUserInGroupById, 2x IsUserInGroupByCode)
    • OG.QueryString (Query)
    • OG.Report
    • OG.Role (GetByCode)
    • OG.Script (CreateParameterList, Run)
    • OG.TextUtils (ConvertToList, ConvertPersonsToSeparatedString, ConvertEntitiesToSeparatedString, ConvertStringsToSeparatedString, ConvertIntToSeparatedString, Compare, UrlEncode, UrlDecode, HtmlEncode, HtmlDecode)
    • OG.Utils (CreateImage(), ReadFileToBytes, ReadFileToString, ReadFileToLines, MapServerPath)
  • Removed properties:
  • Removed functions:



  • page for Setup of length of text fields was removed. All text fields are now as varchar(max) in the database
  • there is request category displayed in the user access log - it enables to find out which request type represents the biggest load for the system
  • the indication Enabled is coloured in grey in several pages, if the value is et to FALSE - this highlights that the given object is "off"
  • new configuration parameter GroupCodeColumnClassDefId
  • administrator can perform search in scripts and functions accoss all the models at one time
  • modules can contain webparts, that can be inserted in the page

Admin tool



  • Knowledge base - support for video from youtube or from a local storage

Verze (April 2016)

  • new types of reports - Sunburst, Monthly calendar, Time map and Tree map
  • admin tool
  • pages
    • public page
    • webpart name can be localized
  • text field
    • replacement of three text column types by a single one with possibility to set its length
    • dynamic text field height- height will be adapted to the input text
  • script window
  • object archive
  • record teplates
  • diskSizer
  • restrictions for import start
  • report history
  • rules for report List of records
  • column type Picture does not use database type image, but varbinary. Image will not be used in SQL Server in future any more.
  • responsive design
    • responsive design improved on pages Datas, DataDetail
    • MobileBrowsersDefinition and MobileAppsDefinition settings removed from the configuration
    • settings for mobile layout removed from the Page
  • display of Job execution improved - each type is recorded in a separate line (jobs, workflow, time operations...)
  • scripting - function OGForm.QueryString.GetString(name) added
  • jobs - Integration job indication added
  • role - role name can be localized

Version 1.4.x.0 (September 2015)

Version 1.3.0.x (February 2015)

  • New page design
    • Flat design
    • Responsive design (adaptation to the screens of smartphone/tablet/monitor).
    • Favourite items in menu
    • Search in menu
  • Filters.
  • A query can be used in master-detail relations.
  • Multiple references in query.
  • Displaying class data in form of calendar and time line.
  • Function for counting time based on calendars.
  • Extension of xml import possibilities (reading from element or attribute, namespace...)
  • Display of buttons based on role.
  • Loalization of names of multiple columns.

Version 1.2.0.x (September 2014)


  • Model Knowledge base
  • Time operations
  • Own page layout
  • Webparts Display the rating, Display of links in boxes, Percentage value display, Search text, Language selection
  • Localization of user messages used in scripts
  • Number of records in master-detail relations
  • Redirection from a column to a page
  • Text parsing


  • Multiple selection in search forms
  • Display of references to logically deleted records
  • New workflow activities
  • Detail archive
  • Scripts of administration pages
  • Script objects for selected and filtered records
  • Context menu with objects available in scripts in various system components


  • Organization structures and access rights on particular records
  • Jobs
  • Workflow
  • Delegation of user tasks
  • Scripting
  • Master-detail relations of user
  • Webparts - webpart grid, file editing, script
  • Help and documentation in the application
  • Registering database exceptions
  • Column of type picture and pictures of records in the schemes


  • Schemes improvement
  • Extension of web services and display
  • Implementation of access rigths for IT administrator of the model
  • Metadata localization


  • Update reference classes with new unique records
  • Rules for classes and queries
  • Schemes of object dependence (SVG, HTML5)
  • Web services


  • Class inheritance
  • Short descriptions of objects
  • Polymorphism
  • Complex data imports
  • Lookup in reference classes
  • References to parent classes
  • User access dependent menu
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