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Read data from the system

This example reads active (not deleted) records from the class Id 100, where there is value end in the column Id 30.

/* create filter */
var f = OG.DataRow.GetDataRowFilter( 100);
f.SetColumnData( 30, 'end');
f.Filter_OnlyActive = true;

/* read data */
var drList = OG.DataRow.GetDataByFilter( f);
if ( drList != null)
    /* process data */

Below example reads data from class, that are marked in column 'active' as true and sets for them in column 'column_code_1' value from column 'column_code_2'.

/* create filter and read the data */
var f = OG.DataRow.GetDataRowFilter(OGModel, 'topic');
f['active'] = true;
f.Filter_Sort = 'order';
var topics = OG.DataRow.GetDataByFilter(f);
//go through records
for( var it = 0; it < topics.Count; ++it)
var t = topics[it];

//set value from one column to another
t['column_code_1'] = t['column_code_2'];


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