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This function switches on PC with vPro technology.

Main prerequisites for use 


Prerequisite Description
Powershell remoting When communicating with external systems using execution of Powershell commands by an external system it is necessary to enable remoting on the external system. (This is required by the Intel vPro module.)
Intel vPro Technology vPro on the workstation with set up account and password and enabled switch on.
Powershell v3 Microsoft Powershell version 3 or higher.
Intel vPro module Intel vPro module for Microsoft Windows Powershell.


This function switches on PC by means of Intel vPro technology.



Include hereinafter stated parameters in the file og_configuration.ps1 (generic parameters shared with other functions) or in the file OG_PC-Start.config (specific parameters of this function). Parameter configuration is described in the documentation of the programme Piklo.


Parameter Description Example
[string]$LogFile Path to the file, in which log of the function shall be stored.

[string]$LogFile = "\\yourserver\data\OG-output\PC-Start_Log.txt"

[string]$credFile Path to the file, in which credentials for the Intel module are stored.

[string]$ExportFile = "\\yourserver\data\OG-input\PC-Start-credFile.txt"


The function is called by means of the programme Piklo, that is part of ObjectGears package, from ObjectGears script. Result of the call has to be assigned to a variable, with which the script can further work.

a = OG.Process.RunPiklo('OG_PC-Start','-type C')

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