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OG data type - ColumnClassDef

Object column describes, which type of data will be stored in it (text, number...), how the column will be displayed in the page with the list of record or in the record detail and number of other settings. One column belongs to just one class or query.

Object properties

Name Description
int Id Column Id.
string Name_Loc Name of the column for all localizations.
string Name Name of the column for current localization.
string Code Column code.
int ParentId Id of the parent object (class or query).
ClassDefEntityType ParentColumnType Type of the parent object.
IClassDefBase DataParent Object of the column owner - class or query.
ClassDef ClassDef Class, to which the column belongs.
Query Query Query, to which the column belongs.
ClassDef ClassLinkForeingClassDef Referred class. Set only for column Value from a referenced class.
string Description Column description.
bool Mandatory Indication, wheather the column is mandatory.
ColumnType ColumnType Column type.
string FormatValue Format for displaying value in the list.
string FormatValueSumRow Format for displaying value in summary information.
string DefaultValue Default coumn value.
string MinValue Minimal value.
string MaxValue Maximal value.
bool EditInInsert Indication, wheather the column can be edited at the record creation.
bool EditInUpdate Indication, wheather the column can be edited at the record update.
bool UseAsLink Indication, wheather the column shall be used as a link.
string LinkFormat Link format.
string LinkTarget Target frame for the link (frame in HTML).
bool LinkClickableInGrid Indication, wheather the link in the record list shall respond to the clicking.
int? ShowRowsForText Number of rows of the control for long text.
bool ShowFullRow Indication, wheather the column shall be displayed over the whole row.
bool IsSystemColumn Indication, wheather the column is system one (e.g. Id, ShortDescription, audit columns...).
string HelpText Text with help to the column.
bool ShowSumRowInGrid Indication, wheather the column shall be displayed in the row with summary information.
string FormulaForInsert Formula used at record creation.
string FormulaForUpdate Formula used at record update.
int? ClassLinkType

Type of the reference:

1 - simple reference

2 - multiple reference

int? ClassLinkForeingClassDefId Class Id, to which the link refers.
bool? ClassLinkIsPerson

Indication, wheather the link is refernce to a user:

True - reference to a user

False - reference to a class

int? ClassLinkShowLinkInGrid

Type of the display of multiple link in the list of records:

0 - All the links are one after another separated by ", "

1 - Each link is in a new row

bool? ClassLinkInGridIsClickable Indication, wheather the link will respond to clicking in the list of records.
bool? ClassLinkInDetailIsClickable Indication, wheather the link will respond to clicking in the record detail.
int? FileMaxFiles Maximal number of files in one record.
int? FileMaxLengthInBytes Maximal size of the file in bytes.
int FileDeleteType

Type of the file deletion:

0 - File will be deleted including its record in the system.

1 - File will be marked as deleted. However, it will not be deleted physically.

2 - File will be marked as deleted and its content will be deleted. Information about its name, original size and about who and when has inserted/deleted it.

3 - It will not be possible to delete the file.

bool FileShowAsGallery Indication, wheather the pictures shall be displayed by means of gallery.
int? TextMinLength Minimal text length.
int? TextMaxLength Maximal text length.
bool TextAsHtml Display text by means of html editor.
bool? LongTextIsCommented Indication, wheather the column of the type Long text is set in mode comments.
bool ColorShowHexa Display hexa code of colour at the column type colour.
bool ColorShowRGB Display RGB code of colour at the column type colour.
string DBColumnName Name of the column in the database.
bool IsEmptyDBColumnName Indication, wheather the property DBColumnName is null.

If the column has set property FormulaForInsert, value will be inserted in the column at the record creation, even if it does not have set property EditInInsert. Although the column is not filled in by user in the form, it is calculated by formula. Similar rule is used for the update of existing records.

System columns are columns created by ObjectGears system. They are displayed in grey italics in the page with list of columns.


Value is in a localized form in queries that read data from ObjectGears system tables (e.g. roles). By settting up property Localize of the corresponding column to TRUE, only value for the current user language will be displayed.

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