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Column type File

This type is used for storing files.


Name Description
Max. number of files It defines, how many files can be attached to the record in the given column. Počet se týká jen nesmazaných souborů. Number of deleted files is not limited.
Max. file size It defines max. size of the file, that can be attached to the record. You have to add a unit in the combobox (B, KB, MB) to the number.
File deletion type It determines the way of file deletion in the record.
Display pictures in gallery It determines, wheather files of the type picture shall be opened in a gallery that the user can browse.

Script for restriction of returned file content

It is possible to define a script, that can control, whether the user is authorized to read the file. If the user clicks in the record detail on the link for file download, the script can perform a detailed check, whether the file content can be displayed to the user.

There is object OGFileInfo describing the file. State return true at the end of the script, if the user can display the file or, return false for disabling file display.

File deletion type

There are these possibilities:

  • Not to delete - deletion of an attached file is not possible.
  • Delete logically - the file is marked as deleted. However, it is possible to display it.
  • Delete only file content - the file is marked as deleted and it is not possible to display it.
  • Delete physically from the database - the file is completely and permanently deleted from the database.
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